Post Author GP Games, September 11th, 2019

Inanis is a game in which you play as an unknown entity in its journey of creation. The demo we have created will have you go through the creation of Light, separating the sea from the sky above, raising the land from the ocean, and filling that land with plant life. Inanis is not a game of high stakes, but one where the player can explore and create at their own pace. Read more...


Order Up VR

Post Author GP Games, May 3rd, 2019

VR adaptation of causal clicker, time management games that has the player filling out customer orders in a burger shack. Read more...


Cosmic Hunt

Post Author GP Games, May 3rd, 2019

Run a interglactic bounty hunting corperation where you send your hunters to hunt legendary bounties. Collect loot and make your character stronger to help him feed income to your company. Dying will reset your progress to your hunts and character but your company will continue to grow with every attempt. Read more...


Dragon Duel

Post Author GP Games, April 26th, 2019

Dragon Duel is an action game for the Vive in which the player faces off against a dragon(named Dragon McDragonface) in a one on one duel. The player must use a gesture system in order to activate both offensive and defensive spells, while also trying to dodge various attacks from the dragon. Both hands can activate a different spell simultaneously, so the player will need to use his wits to use the spell system to it's full potential and come out on top. Read more...



Post Author GP Games, April 26th, 2019

Ragnarok is a game where you will strolling through the world while defeat the monster and power up your novice. Read more...


Sepulcher V2

Post Author GP Games, April 26th, 2019

Sepulcher is a hack-and-slash game with traditional RPG elements such as stats, experience and levels. Additionally, while clearing the dungeons of their many enemies, you can expect to find options for equipping your character. Want to hit really hard? Equip yourself with gear favoring strength. How would you like to get hit hard and be able to shrug it off? Try out a set of high endurance and defense armor. Once you've cleared a dungeon and acquired loot a-plenty, rest a while in the hub and converse with the mysterious merchant, willing to take your gear and make it even better. For a price, of course. Read more...


Sepulcher V1

Post Author GP Games, April 26th, 2019

Sepulcher is an Action game. In this game, the player as the main character will travelling in the age of dark magic Europe and fighting with the Dark pope and his soldiers. In order to save the people who is suffering in this city, you must kill as many enemies as you can in order to release the citizens of this city. For this reason, try to defeat these enemies and collect the lost soul from them. Finally, you will become the hero! Read more...


Data Thief

Post Author GP Games, July 31st, 2017

Data Thief is a 3D VR puzzle game set in a technology-themed world where the player must solve a series of laser grid puzzles in order to steal priceless data. The more high priority the hard drive, the harder it is to bypass security measures! Read more...


Nanemor: Vale of Darkness

Post Author GP Games, November 20th, 2016

Forgotten Valley is a first-person role playing game that takes place in a broken land which is under constant threat by a ruthless overlord and his evil forces. As the last Dark Elf, you must learn ancient magi by recovering your ancestors lost tomes. Using your dual-wielding magic abilities, you must aid the inhabitants of the region in an attempt to free them from the overlord’s grasp on your homeland. Read more...


The Chronicles of Murder Hobo

Post Author GP Games, October 25th, 2016

The Chronicles of “Murder-Hobo” is a third-person arcade style challenge hack-n-slash game with high-score tables. You play as a hobo that “acquired” some magical “armor” that teleported him to another realm where he will eternally fight evil. There are three modes the player can choose to play; challenge mode, speedrun mode, and survival mode. There are three difficulties of challenge modes the player can choose from and each game type and challenge level has its own high-score table. Challenge yourself or challenge your friends, and have a high-score screen to prove it. Read more...