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Dodge Bowl

Post Author GP Games, June 3rd, 2019

Graviland: The Dodge Bowl is a local-multiplayer, fast-paced, team-based 3D sports game based on the concept of Dodgeball. In the game, you participate in the legendary Dodge Bowl, an event where two sides are pitted against each other across the various planetoids in Graviland to see which team takes home the Dodge Bowl Cup. What makes this special is the unexpected gravitational properties of Graviland’s planetoids that the competitors will have to utilize to achieve victory. These planetoids have different elemental themes, each having a challenge of its own, with the goal of pushing each team to their brink. Examples like the lava world of Owhot or the ice world of Socold are just a taste of the trials each team will have to overcome. Along with different elemental themes, there are various types of balls that you can grab and use against the opposing team, like the ricocheting Lightning Ball, or the searing Fire Ball. Read more...