Lunchbox Studios

Elemental Engagement

Post Author GP Games, June 26th, 2014

Elemental Engagement is a fast paced 3rd person magic game revolving around the use of long range elemental attacks, dodges, and blocks. The game relies on local multiplayer, where 2 teams of up to 3 face off in king of the hill style matches on top of a flat rock formation surrounded by sheer drop-offs. The teams have up to 3 players, and each player is a different elemental role: Earth, Water, or Fire. The roles have their own strengths in weaknesses in various attributes such as strength, speed, and effect duration. Read more...


Divinity : A Fairy’s Tale

Post Author GP Games, May 28th, 2014

Divinity is a 2.5D fast-paced side-scrolling game in which a bow-wielding fairy guardian must run, jump, and glide though the forest, shooting down portals of corruption on her quest to stop an evil force that is emanating from a nearby castle. Read more...