May 15th, 2019


studio: GP Games
Radar Labs
genre: Educational & Puzzle

Cuber is a Puzzle cube teacher app. The goal of this application is to teach you how to solve a Puzzle cube, with realistic interactions in a Virtual Reality Environment. This app will range in features from Interactive solvable puzzles, Step-by-Step solutions, and education on algorithms. The goal of this project is to educate users on how to solve seemingly difficult puzzles with the use of logic and algorithms.

Platform(s): SteamVR
Feature(s): Virtual Reality

Interchangeable Controller Schemes
Movement and Interaction Tutorial
2x2x2 Solvable Puzzle Cube
3x3x3 Solvable Puzzle Cube
2x2x2 AI cube solver
3x3x3 AI cube solver
Step-by-Step helper
Speedsolve timer

Game Info

setting: Room render: Direct X 11 physics: Custom
competition: Puzzle sound: FMOD input: OpenVR, Windows

The Team

Brian Scott-Emuakpor

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