April 26th, 2019

Sepulcher V2

studio: Jump Studios
Jump Studios – Jordan Fuqua
genre: Action

Sepulcher is a hack-and-slash game with traditional RPG elements such as stats, experience and levels. Additionally, while clearing the dungeons of their many enemies, you can expect to find options for equipping your character. Want to hit really hard? Equip yourself with gear favoring strength. How would you like to get hit hard and be able to shrug it off? Try out a set of high endurance and defense armor. Once you’ve cleared a dungeon and acquired loot a-plenty, rest a while in the hub and converse with the mysterious merchant, willing to take your gear and make it even better. For a price, of course.

Game Info

setting: Fantasy render: Unity physics: Unity
competition: Time sound: Unity input: Unity

The Team

Jordan Fuqua

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