May 30th, 2017

To The Death

studio: Simple Games
Simple Games
genre: Fighting Game

A battle to find out who really is the best. With a one hit, one kill, there is no chance for error, only for precision. And with To The Death, we allow the player to target and eliminate cohorts with our unique targeting system. Players can, with a single button press, lock on and attack any of their opponents at will. With throwing, boxing, bashing, smashing, and dashing, there’s a lot of ways to show who’s the ultimate champion. It’s time for you to see who will survive a fight “To The Death.”

Game Info

setting: Historic render: Unreal Engine physics: Unreal Engine
competition: Networking sound: Unreal Engine input: XBOX Controller, PlayStation Controller, Windows

The Team

Jeff Yanick
Matthew Converse
Jashua Montanez

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