May 5th, 2017


studio: Dumb Luck
Dumb Luck
genre: First Person Shooter, Simulation

PIGments is a VR paintball game. There are two teams by default the player is on the blue team. Each team has one leaders and 4 minions. There are 2 game modes for now Tug Of Boar and Elimination. Elimination is a team vs team elimination match. In the Tug Of Boar game mode the objective is to capture the other teams minions by eliminating them. Once you eliminate an enemy minion, he becomes your minion. The enemy leader can capture your minions too so be careful !

Game Info

setting: Comic, Sports render: Unity physics: Unity
competition: Unity sound: Unity input: Unity

The Team

Ryan Vafiadis
Liston Harding
Jimmy Palathingal
Nicholas McInroy

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