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Getting Even : Office Retribution

Post Author GP Games, March 23rd, 2017

You are a regular employee at an office firm that is fed up with your work place. Finally taking the last draw, you decide to beat up everyone that has made your workplace hell. Fight your way through office floors to reach the CEO in order to finally get your retribution by making him listen to your fists. The game was created in SlapEngine. SlapEngine is a software engine built by our team over the course of development. Read more...


The Legendary Blacksmith

Post Author GP Games, March 23rd, 2017

The Legendary Blacksmith is a virtual reality game that brings fun to the crafting genre as players are enveloped in a hands on experience to make weapons, armor, and tools. Holding to the fantasy theme of the game, the player has many magical machines and helpful creatures at his fingertips to make crafting an easier and enjoyable learning experience. It is a battle against time to provide for your village as they fight against an army of undead forces. Read more...