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Bastions Fall: The Last Doomstorm

Post Author GP Games, November 20th, 2016

Bastion's Fall: The Last Doomstorm is a fast paced action FPS with survival horror elements. Survive the hordes of enemies as you make your way through the U.E.C Last Bastion. Survive and thrive, as you work your way towards your goal, find out who the Doomstorm Collective is and how to get off the hell you are trapped in Read more...


Nanemor: Vale of Darkness

Post Author GP Games, November 20th, 2016

Forgotten Valley is a first-person role playing game that takes place in a broken land which is under constant threat by a ruthless overlord and his evil forces. As the last Dark Elf, you must learn ancient magi by recovering your ancestors lost tomes. Using your dual-wielding magic abilities, you must aid the inhabitants of the region in an attempt to free them from the overlord’s grasp on your homeland. Read more...