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The Chronicles of Murder Hobo

Post Author GP Games, October 25th, 2016

The Chronicles of “Murder-Hobo” is a third-person arcade style challenge hack-n-slash game with high-score tables. You play as a hobo that “acquired” some magical “armor” that teleported him to another realm where he will eternally fight evil. There are three modes the player can choose to play; challenge mode, speedrun mode, and survival mode. There are three difficulties of challenge modes the player can choose from and each game type and challenge level has its own high-score table. Challenge yourself or challenge your friends, and have a high-score screen to prove it. Read more...


Brutal Berserker

Post Author GP Games, October 25th, 2016

Brutal Berserker is a sci-fi based First Person Shooter in which the player must blast their way through hordes of enemies to survive. You must manage your weapons, ammunition and adrenaline in order to reach the last escape pod to survive the alien infested cargo ship. Read more...