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Get Wrecked

Post Author GP Games, May 27th, 2016

Get Wrecked is a multiplayer vehicle combat game made in Unreal 4. We were heavily influenced by the Twisted Metal franchise as well Rocket League. In our game you drive 4 different cars. The first car is the Snowcat equipped with sawblades. The second car is the Knight Car equipped with magic swords. The third car is the Storm Car equipped with the power of electricity. The final car, is not really a car at all, it’s the Pirate ship equipped with two cannons. Our game has two different modes, a timed deathmatch and a score attack mode. In our timed deathmatch, you and up to 3 friends will battle it out for 3 to 20 minutes for the highest score. This will take place in either Lava Grounds or Colosseum, two maps packed with mine, missile, boost and shield powerups. In our score attack mode, you can race by yourself or against up to 3 friends. You get points for finishing first, finishing within time restraints, collecting coins and shooting your friends and targets. In this map you are being chased by Lava, that will kill you and cause you to miss part of the level. Read more...


Samurai Machina

Post Author GP Games, May 27th, 2016

A third-person sword fighting game where you defeat enemies by quickly recognizing their pattern of attack and countering against it. You play as a samurai in a post-apocalyptic feudal Japan, who must avenge his fallen master by defeating his killer. Read more...


Regulatory Astro-Topographical Stabilizer

Post Author GP Games, May 2nd, 2016

R.A.T.S is a fast-paced 3D twin stick shooter where the battlefield is anything but stable! The player controls a ship on the surface of a star about to go Supernova. The player must maintain the Star Stabilization field while enemies try to destroy it. Read more...