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Win Big Or Die

Post Author GP Games, March 23rd, 2016

Win Big or Die! is a third-person shooter that takes place on the distant planet of Swaria. You were born into slavery and the only way to escape is to fight in a game show. You must survive to win fame, fortune and your freedom. Read more...


Lineage Descent

Post Author GP Games, March 23rd, 2016

Lineage Descent is a procedurally generated, rogue-like dungeon crawler where you breed your hero with a formidable spouse to strengthen the family tree. As time progresses, technology progresses, and through natural selection your heroes will begin to grow bigger, fight harder, run faster, and gain special abilities. Watch as your sons become bigger and more epic with elaborate body art and a better genetic sequence to help them fight deeper into the caves. Encounter dozens of enemies that are also breeding to be better and fight you as you descend further into the caves. Need a leg up? Get your engineer to upgrade buildings in your village to help your future heroes fight. Establish a family tree that will forever be known as the greatest fighters to ever live, and immortalize them in the Hall of Heroes. Genetics, heroes, dungeons, enemies, growing to be awesome and becoming immortalized, what more could you want? Get in the caves, and start breeding heroes today! Read more...