July 31st, 2015

Rude Racers

studio: 5on5 Studios
Numb Lemur
genre: Racer

Rude Racers is a comical racing game where 4 rude anthropomorphic animal creatures compete by racing each other across various different tracks, including a bubbling volcano, a beach inhabited by monstrous flowers, and an anomalous area that transcends time and space. To accomplish their goal of crossing the finish line first, they can use a variety of ridiculous powerups against one another, as well as their own particular special attack that only they can use.

Game Info

setting: Comic render: Unreal Engine 4 physics: Unreal Engine 4
competition: Multiplayer sound: Unreal Engine 4 input: GamePad

The Team

Richard Jones
Evan Murray
Socrates Quintana

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