February 27th, 2015


studio: Nothing Shown Studios
Percussive Maintenance
genre: Arcade Shooter

Containment is an isometric twin-stick shooter where you play as Ethan Helix, a powerful mage who finds himself captured and experimented on by organization of scientific minds bent on discovering his secrets. However, he breaks free of his containment. It’s your job to help him in his newly found quest: his thirst for revenge.

Game Info

setting: Sci-Fi render: DirectX 11 physics: Custom
competition: Multiplayer sound: Wwise input: Gamepad

The Team

John Eagan, William Chan, Daniel Tyree, Sam Bird, David Lindley, Sam Samora
John.eagan@fullsail.edu, sam.bird.dev@gmail.com, dblindley@fullsail.edu, DanielTyree@fullsail.edu, infinity56@fullsail.edu, Sam_Samora_Dev@null.net

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