August 28th, 2014

Mark of Valor

studio: Dog In A Bottle
Killa Byte
genre: Role Playing Game

Mark of Valor is a fast paced 3rd person hack-n-slash that takes place in a dark fantasy world full of skeletons, minotaurs and centaurs. Azureal, a well-armored young man , sets out on a quest to stop his evil brother Crimson from destroying the villages in the vicinity. The player will have to kill hordes of swarming enemies through dark forests and mountain ranges to be able to reach his evil brother.

As the player moves through the game, they will be able to unlock several abilities to help him defeat the swarming enemies. These abilities come in different elements, flame, water, ice, thorns, wind and lightning. These abilities may inflict different status effects on the enemies, which may hurt, slow or paralyze them.

Game Info

setting: Fantasy render: Direct X physics: None
competition: AI sound: Wwise input: XInput

The Team

Nicholas Cerame
Ryan Guminiak
Nate White
Libia Gandolfi
Dan Pfundtner
Nic Glover
Dahmitri Stephenson

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