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Post Author GP Games, June 26th, 2014

Stranded is a Third-Person Shooter, where a genetically modified human with an elemental armcannon blasts through the jungle, killing other elementally charged creatures. Experiment with how enemies react to your different shots to try to obtain the upper hand. However, be careful not to make them stronger along the way. Read more...


Fight For Valhalla

Post Author GP Games, June 26th, 2014

Fight for Valhalla is a rapid-paced 3rd person hack-n-slash that takes place in Helheim, the “hell” of Nordic Mythology. You play as Vigarr, a Viking who died an unworthy death and must now prove himself by fighting waves of skeletons, giants, and more to prove he is worthy of Valhalla. Read more...


Magnet Smash

Post Author GP Games, June 26th, 2014

Magnet Smash is a fast paced 3rd person Hack n’ Slash where you play as Dave the junkyard scientist who must use his magnetic staff to fight robots and return to the top of junkyard mountain and stop LIAM 5, a giant defective robot. Read more...


Elemental Engagement

Post Author GP Games, June 26th, 2014

Elemental Engagement is a fast paced 3rd person magic game revolving around the use of long range elemental attacks, dodges, and blocks. The game relies on local multiplayer, where 2 teams of up to 3 face off in king of the hill style matches on top of a flat rock formation surrounded by sheer drop-offs. The teams have up to 3 players, and each player is a different elemental role: Earth, Water, or Fire. The roles have their own strengths in weaknesses in various attributes such as strength, speed, and effect duration. Read more...