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Snow Day

Post Author GP Games, January 30th, 2014

Snowfight is a fast paced 1st person shooter tower defense that takes place in a quiet neighborhood invaded by fire aliens. As a young ice prince, you must defend your snow fort from the fire aliens that are trying to take back the fire princess. To help you fend off the aliens, you utilize the fundamental element of snow. The element helps the player with a various amount of tasks. The player is given the option to throw different types of snowballs to kill aliens or optionally throw the same snowballs at your own structure to repair it to a better state. Read more...


No Planet Safe

Post Author GP Games, January 30th, 2014

No Planet Safe is a tower defense featured in space. The goal of game is to destroy a planet while defending against the armada of enemies the planet spawn. The game has some unique features notably the three lanes on the “Death Ship” that the player must upkeep. The each lane features a sub-core which acts a buffer to the main engine. If the main engine get hit the player loses, but should the player beat all five waves the player’s super laser will charge to full. At full charge the play may fire laser and destroy the planet as all big evil spaceships do. Read more...