December 21st, 2012

Dreams No More

studio: Electric Ghandi Studios
genre: Third Person Shooter

Play as Riley Mancini as you travers through a hostile and dangerous city. Fight against multiple monsters that will chill you to the bone. Discover what has happened to the city to wreak such destruction and chaos. Find clues in the form of documents, newspapers, and personal entries that showcase the events through a personal view. The ending isn’t what you expect, not even in your wildest dreams…

Game Info

setting: Fantasy render: OpenGL physics: None
competition: AI sound: Wwise input: Direct Input

The Team

Nathaniel Bacon
KC Caranicas
Collin Chandler
Bret DeChristopher
Ryan Masters
James Redden
Kenneth Vittetoe
Chelsea Goodchild
David Goullaud
Jordan Grello
Aaron Lennert
Tyler Lewis
Michael Tate Pultro

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