December 21st, 2012

Bedraggled Station

studio: Decision Culling Studios
Jump Gate
genre: Adventure

People once thought that being a Janitor was the easy way out of life…sure, all you had to do was clean a few fecal matter stains, urine stains, food stains, and any kind of stain you can think of. However, once humans discovered that lfie was “kind of” possible in outer space – and that aliens enjoyed our living areas – everyone needed “that guy”… that guy who slips by in life with the easiest job. Now that the role of a Janitor has become important, you must now take the role of one and fulfill you contract to clean the dark, run-down, alien infested Bedraggled Station. Your arsenal is only a few cleaning supplies and a cast-iron stomach. Get in there, get dirty, and clean that mess up.

Game Info

setting: Sci-Fi render: OpenGL physics: None
competition: AI sound: FMOD input: XInput

The Team

Ian Williams
Richard Kirby
Benjamin Corren
Sean Silguero
Ahmed Badarni

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