November 15th, 2012


studio: Monumental Studios
Team GG
genre: First Person Shooter

Wake is a fast-paced, first person shooter played over a network with up to four players. Players competitively take part in a combat simulation inside a shopping mall and the rules of combat are simple: Free for all deathmatch and the first combatant to the reach the kill limit becomes victorious.
Players can dominate their enemies using three weapons with unique abilities including the ricocheting assault rifle, wall-penetrating beam rifle, and deadly explosive rocket launcher.

Game Info

setting: Sci-Fi render: DirectX physics: Custom
competition: Networking sound: Wwise input: Raw Input

The Team

Matthew Gartzke
Angela De Castro
Kevin Clouden
Joseph Fink
Jordan Graham
Luis Lairet
Ricardo Ovelar
Mike Sawayda

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