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Post Author GP Games, November 15th, 2012

Wake is a fast-paced, first person shooter played over a network with up to four players. Players competitively take part in a combat simulation inside a shopping mall and the rules of combat are simple: Free for all deathmatch and the first combatant to the reach the kill limit becomes victorious. Players can dominate their enemies using three weapons with unique abilities including the ricocheting assault rifle, wall-penetrating beam rifle, and deadly explosive rocket launcher. Read more...


Elementary Escapade

Post Author GP Games, November 15th, 2012

Elementary Escapade is an on the rails shooter in which a young boy uses his imagination to ring the classroom bell and end the grueling school day. Within his imagination the player character will control a plane and have the opportunity to navigate an over sized class room complete with obstacles, enemies, and a tyrannical teacher. Read more...


Over Grown

Post Author GP Games, November 15th, 2012

Over Grown is a first person shooter set in an abondanded city over run with plants. The player will fight through the city to destroy the tree at the center, destroying the infestation and returning the city back to normal. The player will kick and shoot through hordes of plant creatures during their journey to the center. The player has access to a spray gun that slows and does area of effect damage and a poison pistol that does high damage to the plant creatures. The player will run into five different plant types while fighting to the center of the city and encounter one giant plant boss at the very middle. Read more...