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Dark Harvest

Post Author GP Games, September 20th, 2012

Dark Harvest is a fast-paced third-person over the shoulder RTS in which you control the elder spirit of the graveyard. The elder spirit is upset over the state of disarray that his graveyard has fallen into. The level of filth has gotten out of control and the elder spirit has decided to exact his revenge by summoning his minions of the underworld to kidnap the neighboring villagers. Read more...


Towering Skies

Post Author GP Games, September 20th, 2012

Towering Skies is a side-scrolling shoot-emup that takes place in the land of Solis. As the mercenary pilot of the Skytanic, you’re tasked with fighting off the invading alien forces of Xentera. You will shoot your machine, missiles, and overcharge laser through swarms of corrupted enemies to collect powerups and save your home world. Read more...