May 1st, 2012

Ballistic Fist

studio: Shameless Studios
Recipe for Disaster
genre: Fighter

Ballistic fist is a fast paced fighting game. In our game we introduce 4 characters. Isabella, a female ninja of Hispanic decent. Isamu, a Japanese cybernetic assassin. Isaac, an American street boxer and Ivan, a former Russian commando. The fighters will be pitted against each other in America, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and Ireland, as well as a training room.

Game Info

setting: Modern render: Direct X physics: None
competition: Multiplayer sound: Wwise input: XInput

The Team

Analo Johnson
Cristian Thompson
Elisabeth Simmons
Emilio Zedan
Henry Pereira
Ivan Ramos
Jared Sobatta
Julia Lawrence
Leo Plasencia
Richard Sanchez
Sonia King
Todd Thompson
Brad Almony
Dalton Medd
Franky Rivera
Michael Fox

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