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Roko’s Bane

Post Author GP Games, December 14th, 2011

Roko’s Bane is a fast paced 3rd person hack n slash that takes place in ancient Asian settings. As a grizzled samurai, armed with a single sword as well as special combination techniques, you must battle shadow demons and the demonic presence that surrounds a deserted town, ancient mountains, and a defiled dojo, so that he can escape this dark and shadowy realm. Luckily, the samurai’s sword can slice through his demonic enemies, and with years of training, the hero has learned how to perform combos, powerful finishing moves and combat maneuvering techniques. Roko has light quick techniques that deal small amounts of damage and Heavy slow attacks that deal large amounts of damage. With these techniques he will overcome his demons and eventually the darkness that resides within himself. Read more...