September 27th, 2011


studio: The John Kilbane Experience
Mysterious Blue Wombat
genre: Platformer

Blank is a 2.5D platformer that has players take control of Blank, a polymorphic creature that must utilize absorbed animal abilities to navigate environmental puzzles and obstacles to progress through an abandoned lab.
The goal of Blank is to have players navigate through environmental puzzles while defeating enemies and avoiding hazards. Each room features a new layout to navigate, and each section of rooms features a new power that must be utilized, either separate from the other powers or in combination with them. Ultimately, the player will progress through the entire laboratory and escape, earning freedom in the process.

Game Info

setting: Sci-Fi render: Direct X Custom: Customtype
competition: AI sound: Wwise input: Direct Input, Xbox Controller

The Team

Michael Johnstone
Nicholas Johansson
Nathan Pfau
Nathaniel Preiss
Aaron Kurowsky
John Kilbane
Sean Young
Hermilo Castillo
Ben Mullins
Zach Winkler
Zach Topping

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