August 3rd, 2011


studio: Shattered Studios
Storytime Games
genre: Action

Nightlight is a 3D puzzle game that utilizes with the elements of light & darkness as key features in both game-play and artistic style. Players will take control of Evelyn, a young girl who has awoken in the night to find her new house twisted into an awful nightmare world which she must now traverse to reach her parent’s bedroom. However, whenever Evelyn steps out into the darkness, shadow monsters in the world will quickly attack Evelyn. Therefore, players will learn they need to manipulate the light sources in the world to continue to move forward. Players will be able to push & pull lamp boxes; climb on boxes, couches, & chairs; and use light switches to activate new lights to complete these puzzles.


Game Info

setting: Horror render: OpenGL physics: None
competition: Puzzle sound: Wwise input: Xbox Controller

The Team

Chris Sica
Harold Burton
Chelsey Squanda
David Jorgenson
John Bourdeau
Marquis Williamson
Steven Broyles
Thomas Goodnight
Tyler Berry
David Demby
Jay Mossman
Nicolas “Val” Roman
Randell Potts

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