August 3rd, 2011

Ancient Astronut

studio: Shattered Studios
End Game?
genre: Action

Ancient Astronut is a third person stealth game which follows Fitz and his mission. His task is to travel through Ancient Egypt to contact the Pharaoh in hopes of creating the Great Pyramids of Giza. However, on his journey, Fitz accidentally loses the blueprints for the plans, as well as pieces for his mind control device. He must now run around the city and recover each of his lost items before finally meeting his point of contact. To aid Fitz in his mission, he has access to four different alien gadgets: a freeze ray, a taser, a distraction device, and a disguise.
Fitz must not leave any trace of his actions along his way. He must use his stealthy skills and advanced technology to complete his assignment. The people of Ancient Egypt are unaware of Fitz and his presence. However, Fitz’s alien appearance will cause them to run in fear and call for help if seen. The guards will stop at nothing to protect the citizens. There is also one citizen who is a firm believer of aliens. This “Skeptic” will do whatever he can to track down and prove that aliens do in fact exist.

Game Info

setting: Comic render: Direct X physics: None
competition: AI sound: Wwise input: Direct Input

The Team

Scott Poorman
David Weiss
Zachery Hedman
David Griggs
Vincent Biancardi
Gabe Quiles
Robbie Davenport
Mike Voltaggio
Rob York
Kevin McManis

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