May 26th, 2011

Office Race

studio: Black Box Studios
Mystery Meat
genre: Racer

Office Race is an arcade racer in which you fly through an office building with exaggerated scenery and avoid obstacles in your way. Fly through checkpoints and collect powerups to help you defeat your opponents. Avoid the broken water fountains that will slow you and the dangerous copiers that will press you flat. Beat other racers to the end, obtain the fastest time and achieve victory as an ace paper plane pilot.

Game Info

setting: Comic render: Direct X physics: None
competition: AI sound: Wwise input: Direct Input

The Team

David Clintsman
Manuel Diaz
Nick Kemner
Daniel Makin
Bryan Whyte
Tom Witt
Carl Cofield
Alex Cordner
Allen Ruhga
Edward Sanchez

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