May 26th, 2011

Fender Bender

studio: Black Box Studios
Rocket Hawk
genre: Vehicle Combat

Fender Bender is an arena-based vehicular combat game. The player drives a vehicle collecting weapons and powerups and doing battle with challenging AI opponents or other human challengers in 2 to 4 person splitscreen multiplayer. You must master both driving and gunplay to dominate the competition!

Several weapons are available for the combatants to unleash upon one another, including homing rockets, crushing wrecking balls and more! There is a choice of vehicles with unique characteristics, ranging from the light and speedy Golfin Gramps in his souped up golf cart to the heavy bruiser Sargeant Sam in his armored van. The battle can be waged in two different arenas, the multi-level Mayhem Mountain and the enclosed dome of Chaos Cavern, and in 3 different game types that all ensure frenetic fun. However you choose to play, Fender Bender serves up competitive pick-up-and-play action for you and your friends!

Game Info

setting: Comic render: Direct X physics: Custom
competition: Multiplayer sound: Wwise input: Direct Input

The Team

Glen Eckerman
Mike Hatter
Ryan Turner
Nick DeSantis
Patrick Witte
Stephen Edwards
Steven Zavala
Chris Zukowski
Jake Steininger
Jason Hutchins

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