April 20th, 2011


studio: Seal of Approval
Double Punch Kick Games
genre: Action

When the game starts, you must find any and all of the infinitely spawning clique members and slap them until they become gray. Walking with the gray crowds will increase your speed, as noted by the chevron on the HUD, and walking against the crowds will decrease your speed. As time goes on, additional types of cliques will spawn, and the groups will grow. Use the clique heads on the HUD to navigate towards the masses of cliques and keep them at as low of a population as possible.

If any group reaches more than 20 members, they will begin to chase you and try to convert you to their clique type. If they manage to surround you, the conversion bar in the top of the HUD will count down towards the player’s head, and the player will have to slap them in order to get them out of critical mass. If the player manages to slap any clique members that are not in critical mass the bar will move away from the player’s head buying more time. Once the bar reaches the player’s head he will be converted into the clique that last touched him.

Game Info

setting: Comic render: rendertype physics: Custom
competition: Time sound: Wwise input: Direct Input

The Team

Alessandro Metta
Chad Shotton
Chase Cobb
Bob McCaskey
David Rivera
Maher Sagrillo
Pedro Rodriguez

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