December 16th, 2010


studio: Specific Gravity Studios
Bind Pose Cowboys
genre: Puzzle

E.V.P. is a first-person, mystery horror game where you play as Chloe Kingsley, a professional ghost hunter. Your job is to investigate an old Victorian mansion that’s been reported as haunted. Use your ghost hunting tools to unravel the mystery of the mansion.

Game Info

setting: Horror render: DirectX physics: None
competition: Puzzle sound: Wwise input: XInput

The Team

Don Cato II
Jason McGowan
Raven Montalvo
Brendan Wesolowski
Kendy Benold
Brennan Christensen
Ian Fischer
Akshat Gandhi
Nathan Gillikin
Mark Sararu
Sam Sollars
Chris Temoche
Mitchell Tewksbury
CJ Armbruster
Joseph Binkert

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