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Post Author GP Games, July 24th, 2010

Our game is set in a world that has become over run with parasites. You play as one of the parasite hunters sent to rid the world of the parasites. When you show up on Earth the parasites have been taking over humans and you must kill the humans to get to the parasites. When a parasite is inside the human it gives them an unnatural ability, if you kill that human you can gain the power of that parasite. Being a parasite hunter your objective is to kill all the parasites and anyone who gets in your way. Play alone or with a friend in our 2.5D brawler and rid the world of its parasites and humans. Read more...


Dark Matter

Post Author GP Games, July 24th, 2010

Fifty years into Earths future, the Universal Expansion Commission was formed as we pursue new habitable planets. Although alien species have been discovered, none more intelligent than mankind have been found. Recently however, some ships of the UEC have mysteriously vanished with no trace. An elite group of operatives called Delta Force was commissioned to investigate these disappearances. As a member of this elite force, you and your comrades’ venture to the last known whereabouts of the most recently missing ship, the Tarus. After entering the Hadies Nebula, you search days for any sign of the missing UEC ship with no luck. Until suddenly screams from other soldiers awake you from your sleep. Read more...


Cast Away

Post Author GP Games, July 24th, 2010

Cast Away is a 3D real-time artillery game in which the player takes on the role of an eccentric sea-captain, stranded on a small tropical island and pitted against a rival sea-captain on a nearby island. The game is played in the third person, having the player collect various items around the island to lob at the enemy using a makeshift catapult. Some items can be combined to create interesting effects using the combo system. The player can move the catapult around to dodge enemy fire as well as detach from it to collect items faster. Read more...