Skylight Racer

Post Author GP Games, July 11th, 2019

Skylight Racer is a multiplayer racing game that has heavy emphasis on physics and momentum, and takes place in space with the goal of the race to fly through every ring as fast as possible. You can customize your ship so it controls to your liking, and have a boost on a short cooldown for immediate momentum changing. Read more...


Forged Factories

Post Author GP Games, July 9th, 2019

You land on an alien planet and need to build a large structure to survive. Gather resources to upgrade, build more units and buildings. Aliens attack you more aggressively as time goes on until finally you build the final structures. After building the final structures the aliens launch a final assault If you survive the assault you win the game. Read more...


Robot Annihilation

Post Author GP Games, June 25th, 2019

Robot Annihilation is a third person arena shooter where the player fights endless waves of enemies in order to get a high score. The player can unlock more abilities and weapons with the points they earn from each round. Every few rounds, the player fights a boss which has a lot of health and has more moves than the average enemy. The boss and enemies become tougher as the game progresses. Read more...


Thieves Labyrinth

Post Author GP Games, June 3rd, 2019

Thieves Labyrinth is a roguelike game in which the player takes control of a powerful dungeon boss who is tired of all the invaders constantly attacking his labyrinth. Read more...


Dodge Bowl

Post Author GP Games, June 3rd, 2019

Graviland: The Dodge Bowl is a local-multiplayer, fast-paced, team-based 3D sports game based on the concept of Dodgeball. In the game, you participate in the legendary Dodge Bowl, an event where two sides are pitted against each other across the various planetoids in Graviland to see which team takes home the Dodge Bowl Cup. What makes this special is the unexpected gravitational properties of Graviland’s planetoids that the competitors will have to utilize to achieve victory. These planetoids have different elemental themes, each having a challenge of its own, with the goal of pushing each team to their brink. Examples like the lava world of Owhot or the ice world of Socold are just a taste of the trials each team will have to overcome. Along with different elemental themes, there are various types of balls that you can grab and use against the opposing team, like the ricocheting Lightning Ball, or the searing Fire Ball. Read more...



Post Author GP Games, May 15th, 2019

VCuber is a Puzzle cube teacher app. The goal of this application is to teach you how to solve a Puzzle cube, with realistic interactions in a Virtual Reality Environment. This app will range in features from Interactive solvable puzzles, Step-by-Step solutions, and education on algorithms. The goal of this project is to educate users on how to solve seemingly difficult puzzles with the use of logic and algorithms. Read more...


Order Up VR

Post Author GP Games, May 3rd, 2019

VR adaptation of causal clicker, time management games that has the player filling out customer orders in a burger shack. Read more...


Cosmic Hunt

Post Author GP Games, May 3rd, 2019

Run a interglactic bounty hunting corperation where you send your hunters to hunt legendary bounties. Collect loot and make your character stronger to help him feed income to your company. Dying will reset your progress to your hunts and character but your company will continue to grow with every attempt. Read more...


Dragon Duel

Post Author GP Games, April 26th, 2019

Dragon Duel is an action game for the Vive in which the player faces off against a dragon(named Dragon McDragonface) in a one on one duel. The player must use a gesture system in order to activate both offensive and defensive spells, while also trying to dodge various attacks from the dragon. Both hands can activate a different spell simultaneously, so the player will need to use his wits to use the spell system to it's full potential and come out on top. Read more...


Tech Warriors

Post Author GP Games, April 26th, 2019

Tech Warriors is a VR hack and slash game where you get to battle hordes of different enemies using a variety of skills to power through in an arena. Battle as a warrior from the past with enhanced abilities and futuristic weapons in a modern day arena to defeat all who dare challenge you. So boot up, put your VR headsets on and hop into the battlefield. Read more...