Post Author GP Games, May 1st, 2018

Deltamind is a VR first-person wave-defense game, set inside a space station where you must fight to defend the power core from emergent AI humanoids trying to overrun the station. Hop in VR or play on a standard keyboard/mouse to find your play-style against real-time evolving AI. Place your defenses carefully, protect the core, and save yourself from certain destruction. Read more...


The Last Bastion

Post Author GP Games, May 1st, 2018

In the game "The Last Bastion ", you will play as the commander of a bastion who devotes himself to fighting against both human and inhuman enemies. As a player, you will be able to use those war trophies to recruit your allies, and make yourself more powerful with better equipment. You will be engaged in brutal, intense combat and building your own indestructible bastion. Read more...



Post Author GP Games, March 28th, 2018

CyberPunks is a Networked First Person Shooter in a futuristic city where players compete against one another to see who is the best shooter. Whoever has the most kills at the end of the match, wins the game. Read more...


War of Storm

Post Author GP Games, March 28th, 2018

The game is based on the modern era where war is an everyday occurrence. You are a general of your own army where you must capture victory points to win each battle. Be careful during each battle, around any corner could be an enemy. Work on making sure the enemy can’t cut your supply chain. Destroy your enemy and don’t let the enemy and grab the victory away from you. Read more...


Doki Doki Dungeon

Post Author GP Games, February 25th, 2018

Doki Doki Dungeon (working title) is a cartoony 3D top-down dungeon-crawling RPG where the player can choose from the Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Rogue classes to add to the dynamism of their exploration with their own skills and abilities. Each dungeon has procedural generation, meaning that every experience within our game will be unique. Explore dark caves and abandoned hideouts in your quest to become the best. To make it through the fierce combat and tricky puzzles, you’ll have to muster your team work and channel the true spirit of adventure as you delve into the depths. Read more...


The Adventures of Ana and Sebastian

Post Author GP Games, October 23rd, 2017

A children action game in which kids will be able to practice their math skills alongside traveling South America and discovering new countries along the way Read more...


Cyber Surf

Post Author GP Games, October 20th, 2017

Cyber Surf is a VR flying game where the player races to discover new worlds. As a dimensional explorer and adrenaline junky, your goal is to get through checkpoints and build your score to be awarded with a new environment to plunge into. An assortment of different Cyber Surf Boards are available to choose from, each with their own individual handling. Modes can be tailored to fit the competitive nature of each individual player, ranging from Time Trial to Exploration. Ditch your gamepad controller and use the custom built surfboard controller to reach a whole new level of immersion. Read more...


Battle for Khronos

Post Author GP Games, October 20th, 2017

Battle for Khronos is a virtual reality wave based action game. Feel immersed as you fight waves of enemy's as a Mage or Gunner. Use your hand-held controllers to cast spells and fight in your own way. Feel emerged as your heart pumps and your anxiety rises. This will be the fight of your life! Fight! Kill! Survive! Read more...



Post Author GP Games, August 28th, 2017

NecroTower is a Rogue-like Dungeon-Crawler in which the player must reclaim the souls of his/her allies from a tyrannical Necromancer. The player is given one of eight unique classes to play from and has free will to decided which (if any) allies’ souls they would like rescue before taking on the Necromancer itself. Read more...


Super Tactics: Fields of Power

Post Author GP Games, August 25th, 2017

Super Tactics Fields of Power is a tactical turn-based combat game where squads of trained combatants fight for control of the realm. Read more...